JbPhotto | About
PhotojournalARTIST is best to describe Jeff's shooting style. Influenced by the early pioneers in photojournalism and the contemporary artists of today Jeff is always striving to compose and create images that are uniquely his own style.

Jeff's early recollection of images that inspired him, range from WWII photographs taken from Robert Capa, the color master Jay Maisel, and Sports Illustrated godfather, Walter Iooss. The list of inspirational images are endless and so too are the artists.

Jeff's path in professional photography began at the Western Academy of Photography in Victoria, Canada. After, he was fortunate enough to assist renowned travel/editorial photographer Stuart Dee in Vancouver, Canada where he learned some of his most important lessons in photography. Not only technical knowledge but equally important The "Business of Photography".

Whether it is commercial, editorial, or retail clients, JbPhotto's aim is to provide a boutique style photo experience by providing professional quality images, unique images, creative images and professional client service's focusing on client care and client satisfaction.

With vision, and style JbPhotto will work thoroughly with clients to ensure their concepts and projects come to life in a timely manner with the execution by Principle shooter Jeffrey Betinol.

Photo Courtesy of ©Jenn Dickey